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Here's a collection of news stories which feature Dennis Crowley.

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August 29, 1995LA TimesIn this 1995 article, Dennis Crowley articulates the plan for a bikeway between Pasadena and Los Angeles.
March 15, 1998LA TimesBy 1998 the LA Times had figured out that the Dobbins-like Dennis Crowley was a rosy-cheeded environmentalist.
June 25, 2002AS Master Plan CommentsDennis comments on the Arroyo Seco Master Plan on page 67. "Everyone got 90% of wha they wanted; lots of public input; more nonmotorized transportation; get rid of the flood channed."
November 17, 2002LA Times"One of the reasons we are doing this on a bicycle is so that you can get a context of the thing," Dennis Crowley, one of the ride's leaders, told a group of bicyclists on a tour of spectacular oak trees in the area.
December 22, 2001Pasadena Star-News""After years of trying to win permission to hold a bicycle rally on the Pasadena (110) Freeway, it appears bicycle aficionado Dennis Crowley is close to succeeding."
June 16, 2003LA Times"I knew there was all this pent-up demand for something like this," said Dennis Crowley, a longtime Pasadena bike path advocate who said he dreamed up the concept.
June 18, 2003Pasadena Star-NewsThe Star-News editorializes: "So congratulations to bicycle advocate Dennis Crowley, who dreamed up the idea a decade ago, . . . May the now somewhat fanciful notion of turning the winding freeway back into a lower-speed parkway connecting communities come true."
June 16, 2003Canton RegistryHere how they covered ArroyoFest in Canton, Ohio.
March 2, 2005Pasadena Star-NewsDennis offers a wry definition of football to decry the loss of active recreation that pro football in the Rose Bowl could mean.
July 12,"Dennis Crowley, long-term advocate of an Arroyo Seco Cycleway, suggested that the Calpoly Arroyo Seco study provides an excellent basis for an effective bike trail."
May 7, 2006Arroyo Seco NewsAs part of the Museums of the Arroyo Day, bike afficionado Dennis Crowley will lead a bike tour of historical sites in Pasadena and in the Arroyo Seco going from the Green Hotel to Heritage Square.
February 6, 2007Pasadena Star-NewsIn a letter to the Star-News, Dennis backs the developmentof the Arroyo Center for Art and the Environment on the Desiderio Army Reserve site beneath the Colorado Street Bridge. "Opportunities like this just don't come around often; it's like getting dealt a full house in poker, you gotta play the hand."
July 14, 2008Pasadena Star-NewsA brief notice is posted on the Pasadena Star-News with the shocking news that cycling advocate Dennis Crowley has left us.
July 16, 2008Pasadena Star-NewsA touching eulogy in the Star-News offers the reactions and observations of Dennis' friends and others regarding the dynamic role he played in local affairs..

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