The Old Trail

There's a quaint trail in the Arroyo Seco Flood Channel, extending from just north of Avenue 43 in the south for about two miles to York Blvd. It was built by the County of Los Angeles in 1983 as an experiment to test joint use of flood control facilities.

It's a fun ride but the trail is not safe or designed for commuting purposes. The trail is often littered with glass and algae and is especially dangerous during storm conditions because it is located in the bottom of the flood control channel.

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Four Seven

The ramp down into the flood channel near York Blvd.

Slime, glass and debris often litter the path.

Three Two

Rolling under a bridge as the sun descends.

It's a fun journey alongside the rapidly flowing stream.

One Six

That's the Arroyo Seco Parkway (aka Pasadena Freeway) beyond the flood channel wall.

Just north of Avenue 43 the bike path ascends out of the flood channel.


The end of the trail by the Montecito Heights Community Center.