1997 Cycleway Report

It's been two years since the Cycleways web-page was created. Many thing have happened in that time. The largest of which, the acceptance of the need and feasibility of the project, and MTA's recommended funding.


The Bicycle Freeway between Pasadena and Los Angeles has been listed on staff recommendations, for funding by Metropolitan Transit Authority. It was ranked as 5th on a list of 72 projects.

Cycleway is now changing is focus. We no longer have to push the "need and feasibility"; that, is now accepted. Now, we will push for the best bikeway ever built and completion in time for the 100 year anniversary of the original Cycleway, (Jan. 1st, 1900); a golden marketing opportunity, that MTA doesn't get. (yet.)

Celebration! Ride on the freeway!

While involved in meetings with Caltrans, the city and county of LA, and MTA; we kept pushing for a demonstration project, a bike-ride on the Pasadena Freeway. They kept saying, "No. Quit asking.". One day thay said, "We can rent you a piece of freeway, that we have rented for movie shoots before.".

On October 12th we will put on a bike-ride on the eastern end of the 210 Freeway. Cycleways has teamed up with SCOR (Cardiac Cyclists), put on a ride/party, the likes of which has never been seen. It will start/finish at Raging Waters and ride to Azusa and back on the freeway. Entry to the water-park, food and music afterward, included.

Urban Enviornment Initiative

A partnership between Cal State Univ L.A. and NASA, picked the Cycleway to recieve newly released satellite and high-altitude data, for help in mapping the project. The end result will be a CD-ROM and an interactive web-site, with all the information we can get. Census data, survey results and historic photos will also be included.

Cycleways Incorporation

Cycleways is now incorporated as a California non-profit corporation; with that come greater opportunities and challenges. We need to expand our Board of Directors. We need contributions of services, as well as additional funding. We've shown that Cycleways works. Please help.