Dennis Crowley's Home Page - 1996

Bicyclist, Designer and Man-Who-Put-It-All-Together

"I have logged over 100,000 bicycle miles commuting, racing and touring in 26 states and 4 countries. I am a member of Pasadena Athletic Association's bicycle team and hold a USCF Masters category 3 racing license.

"While I was serving on Pasadena Mayor's Bicycle Task Force in 1991, I designed the highly successful Rose Bowl Loop for bicycle supremacy and helped design and implement several plans that made Pasadena a more bicycle friendly city including bike lockers in various places in town and bike routes that actually go somewhere.

"During this time I also discovered the Horace Dobbins Cycleway. With 25 years in the construction industry, the concept is intriguing. I ran preliminary numbers and saw that it would work. The more I investigated the site, the more ideal it appeared.

"Bicycling improved my life. Now I saw that it could improve the life of LA."

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